A Cycle of Titillation

A recount of a good heist that came away with 34.541,10 Euros has the OWENSCORP partygoers on the edge of their seats.

By Lucky ₃₃

A Cycle of Titillation

The best tool for understanding corporate sentiment is the human mind. The following article can help you conduct OWENSCORP sentiment analysis—but it’s up to you to synthesize the information you find.

the specialization of Rick Owens & Michele Lamy & Luca Ruggeri procures diluted meanderings that assign a social importance to circumstantial exhibitionism. specialists make more money by making room for others & publicity for themselves by means of subjugation & institutionalization of unhealthy partnerships and theft.

Later, after maximum solemnity, a candle is lit & instructions are doled out for completing mundane crafting projects at the Rick Owens atelier. More promotional clips are doled out. 'A Pack of Cigarettes with a Gypsy & Rick Owens in It' & 'Michele Lamy Comes to Life & Bums a Smoke' weave in & out of the art world arbitrarily while being informed by menial gossip accompanied by dubiously loose analytic associations & phraseological archetypes by underage feed followers.

An active day in the studio would find Michele Lamy & Rick Owens repositioning the furniture. Inspiration dips & their efforts go into arranging shoe boxes into ziggurats. Predictably the designer needs therapy. Rick Owens' depression is manifest in public displays of private creativity — he likes to pee on himself — I-D Magazine, May, 2002. Issue 220, The Spectator Issue. Rick Owens finds himself coaxed into exhibitionism for maudlin trinkets of authenticity.

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